The Drop

The hottest artists, promoted by Spotify

We partnered with Spotify to help redesign The Drop, a site devoted to upcoming album releases, featuring behind the scenes and exclusive content for fans before and after the launch.


Shareable content, engaging designs

Core goals for this redesign were to update the site design to be more engaging and bold, elevating artists and the content related to their album in a way that was interesting and easy to use. Additionally, the design needed to increase visibility for legacy content. With these goals in mind we designed a bold, responsive grid, added a tiled archive view, and created a countdown strip for content unlocks to give the site a strong visual presentation and provide several ways of interacting and browsing content.

We also saw an opportunity to create a new, dynamic UGC component that utilized the bold, engaging visual style of Spotify’s new brand system to empower fans to share their excitement for a new release by crafting a custom visual tile for social media. This card creator, built using a custom javascript library, allows users to create a shareable card by selecting an artist and song title from the Drop and combining it with and images, bursts, and color theme.