Pepsi + Complex Media + Music Platform

For a partnership with Pepsi and Complex Media Layerframe was drafted to create a digital presence for the campaign. The idea was: artists get a free music video produced by Complex, who has major cultural pull and reach among some key demographics for Pepsi. Pepsi funds the whole thing and gets to look cool by association, the artist holds a Pepsi can during the music video, Complex gets a cool music video for their website, everyone is happy.

Pepsi Complex - Creative - Rev02-11Pepsi Complex - Creative - Rev02-11

Our goal was to make the central location for each of these artists and make them feel kind of branded with Pepsi but not really. Keeping the visual branding on point with the megalithic visual identity system Pepsi uses, while also creating a fresh look and feel for the page design was difficult and I think Chris did a great job with the design here.

The front end and design are the stars of the show here, and the content and assets really make that job a lot easier. That's why it's so great to work in design for the music industry - the creative boundaries are wider and the assets are usually just killer.