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Stream.it or Transparency in Streaming


Full concept design at the bottom of the post.

As an occasional maker of noise and someone who's worked with Spotify on many occasions, I've spent a good amount of time thinking about how streaming services work, what the models for success (or lack thereof) might be and the challenges for artists and listeners.

It's obviously a difficult problem - our consumption of art has been fundamentally changed by the internet, and there's no going back. That said a lot of artists have issues with the way financial models work. I hope technology will eventually cut out labels and facilitate a more direct-to-artist model but that may be a while.

Random thought for today is below - what if there were an option to see exactly where your money went when you listened to music? There are probably legal issues behind not disclosing this information but I would find it interesting.

It's illustrated here as a service on it's own but it could be integrated into an existing service like Spotify, Google Play, etc. as well. In terms of this prototype you'd be able to unlock unlimited listens if you spent a certain amount (roughly the cost of an album or iTunes purchase ~$9.99). The user could also get bonus stats and maybe special offers, perhaps promoting independent artists - or alternately monetization via the Justin Bieber's of the world 🙂

Either way, transparency is going to be the next big step taken in streaming services, if I had to hazard a guess. This would be a good first step and (I think) interesting / useful for users as well. Ciao!

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