June 8, 2016 - Comments Off on Artify, or how to spawn an idea like a mind salmon

Artify, or how to spawn an idea like a mind salmon


During guided meditation a couple of days ago the idea for an online art machine came to me. I prefer that term, “came to me” because that’s closest what happened. It was just a new form or manifestation of what’s been true in my life for a long time, that “I” am not really responsible for any of the creative things that could arguably be attributed to "me."

This isn’t treading new ground, but as someone who is very happy with this persona I’ve crafted of Creative Person it bears analysis.

But first, what about MY awesome idea?!

So, what if there was a very simple online interface where you could upload or create a simple piece of “art” - however we want to define that. Maybe a scribble on a piece of paper, maybe a few words of a song you like - whatever. I present, Artify!


You submit this nugget of creativity to the Artify interface and once you do it spits you out a piece of art that someone else has lovingly submitted to Artify from some random place on planet earth. Maybe it connects the two of you, maybe not. I don't know.

Now there’s a good chance this concept was done already, especially given the Golden Rule of the Internet:
If you’ve thought of it, it already exists somewhere (and it’s likely been monetized). A prime example of this phenomenon is someone selling their used socks online for $50 a pair.


But I like the idea of encouraging the creation and distribution of art, it seems like a good use for the emerging collective consciousness that is the internet. Better than more cat videos. Anyway, I have no idea how to build the damn thing but I’ll add it to the ever-expanding pile of ideas that will make no money.

What struck me as unique is the way the idea came about. We were working with the concepts of Restraint and Resistance as impediments to Wholeness of Being - heady concept that if you want to read more about Dharma Publishing conveniently happens to sell a good book on (#marketing!).

During a particular exercise we were doing in relation to that restraint concept my instructor Arnaud mentioned expanding any feelings we had “like a mandala” - which in the context of what we were doing was sort of out of left field. But somehow that one line guided my mind somewhere new, and this online art exchange idea just popped into existence. It was really, really cool.

Was it informed by prior experience? For sure, it was filtered through what I’m bringing to the table as an individual with a past who exists in a specific time filled with cat videos.


But I certainly didn’t put any personal legwork into this idea. I don’t know much about mandalas either, so I wonder how much the word itself factored into it. And I'm not sure knowing really matters, if some network of existing knowledge is being tapped into at any point then you theoretically have access to that information without learning it in “real life” anyway. I still don’t know much about mandalas, the point I'm trying to make is maybe the word itself could have a power and meaning behind it that I don’t need to be aware of.

Having a sudden superpower to generate questionable internet ideas is not particularly exciting to me. What is exciting is learning how to tap into that field where creative ideas come from in a way that doesn’t involve much actual effort beyond relaxing, breathing and sitting. The concept that every breath, sound, feeling is full of creative potential and (hopefully) learning how to get there at will. That's pretty awesome.

It's also nice being reminded that it's important to keep your ego in check while simultaneously being granted access to a wealth of new creative ideas. How to harness all that is probably a lifelong pursuit, but the potential is one of the more interesting possibilities I've come across of late.

The muse, the collective unconscious, inspiration striking etc. I still have no idea how creativity really works.

Does it work like this? I think it works like this.
In the context of writing, creating music, visual design / artwork, martial arts and even business ideas for Layerframe there’s been a different way “in”, and I find the process of discovering that route fascinating and fulfilling. This was a totally new one to me and so felt like sharing. We're still going through training all this week so hoping for more interesting experiences.

So Artify, would you use it? Be honest, I don’t particularly care one way or the other- it’s not my idea anyway. No, by this point it should be obvious- it was brought to me by a demonic hell beast named Gwarlth, covered in filth, bile and maggots who slithered up from a hole in the earth right where I made my animal sacrifice! Till next time friends.


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